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Kindergarten Teachers 

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Wendy Gilbert
Jadelyn Chang
Michelle Teske
Becky Jones
Judie Ngov

Welcome to Kindergarten at Foster City School

The Kindergarten Program

Our program emphasizes readiness in all areas. This includes social skills, reading readiness, writing, art, music, match social science, physical education (PMT) and science.

The general objectives are as follows:

  • Development of a positive self-image
  • Social development
  • Awareness of the world around them
  • Problem-solving
  • Language development
  • Physical development
  • Creativity
  • Exploration of values
  • Development of communication

Arrival and Dismissal

We teach bell to bell. Please be sure your child arrives promptly to school. Gates are open beginning at 7:55 for students to walk directly into classrooms. Dismissal is at 12:30. Please inform your child and classroom teacher who will be picking up your child each day. It is really important that you arrive to school on time, if not a little early as it makes for a smooth transition into the classroom. In case of an emergency and you are unable to pick up your child at 12:30, please inform the school office at 650-312-7522.


The San Mateo-Foster City School District urges parents to make sure their children attend school regularly and to schedule medical and other appointments after school or during school holidays. The district also asks that travel or other absences be avoided during the time school is in session. The higher the student's daily attendance rate, the more a student will learn.

Doctor and dental appointments are considered excused absences when a written note is received from the doctor and/or dental office. For further information on attendance, please refer to Board Policy 5113.  

Back to School Night

Parents are invited to come to their child’s classroom on Back to School Night for an overview of the kindergarten program. Please check the school calendar for dates.

Bathroom Use

There is a bathroom located inside each kindergarten classroom and children are allowed to use the bathroom when necessary. Please ensure that your child is able to take care of his/her bathroom needs (hygiene, zippers, snaps and buttons).


We request that you do not send any sweet treats to school to celebrate your child’s birthday. Instead, we invite your child to share with the class, his/her favorite book. We will sing to your child and read this special book to the class (please check with your classroom teacher regarding the appropriateness of the book you would like to share).

Communication with teachers

We are always happy to speak with you but please understand that mornings are difficult as we must settle our classes into the routine of the day. Notes to the teacher should be put in an envelope with the teacher’s name and child’s name on the outside.

Communication (School and PTA)

Foster City School is going green! Friday folders are communication folders from the school and/or PTA to home and will be sent home each Friday. School updates and important information can be found on our website and most school notices and information will be disseminated via email. Please make sure that you fill out and return the email communications and directory information forms that will be included in the first Friday Folder packet.

Conferences and Report Cards

Parent-teacher conferences take place in November. Report cards are sent home three times a year: in the fall, spring, and on the last day of school.

Curriculum and Instruction

All instruction is based on our district and California State Standards.

Language Arts: Benchmark Advance, Writing Workshop, Literacy centers, Guided Reading, Handwriting Without Tears, Oral Language Skills, Listening Centers.

Math: Zearn Math, hands-on manipulatives, small group and partner work.

Social Studies: Harcourt Brace (adopted curriculum), integration across all curricular areas, citizenship, life skills, social behavior, following rules etc.

Science: Twig Science, Field Trips

Several bus and walking field trips will take place during the year. Permission slips will be sent home prior to each trip.


Homework is related to the kindergarten curriculum and is sent home weekly.

Labeling and Lost and Found

Label all school items, especially clothing. Unlabeled items will be sent to the lost and found box located in the LGI.

Parking and Playground

Cars are not allowed in the staff parking lot for pick-up/drop off or to park for volunteering. Please ensure that you follow the school and city traffic and safety rules. White zones are for unloading only. Please allow extra time to park and walk to school.  Students are not allowed to play on the playground before or after school.

School Supplies

No school supplies are needed for the first week of school. Please wait until classroom assignments and kindergarten orientation where you will meet your kindergarten teacher. A backpack is not needed unless your child goes to an after-school program.


Snack is eaten at recess and should be healthy and nutritional.  Please do not send any nuts to school for snack.  Please make sure the snacks you send can be easily opened by your child.  Healthy snack ideas:  fruit, vegetables, crackers, pretzels, half a sandwich, natural fruit roll, granola bar (non-sugar), yogurt, water.  We request that you do not send the following items for snack:  soda, potato chips, donuts, candy, Twinkies and/or sugary treats.


Our program depends on parent volunteers. There will be opportunities for weekly, monthly, at home projects and field trips. Please contact your child’s teacher for further information about assisting in your child’s classroom. 

Kindergarten Information

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